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Embrace the full power
of analog photography with the Afilm progress tracker

Afilm is a simple tracker

Keep track of all your shots

Save parameters of each shot in no time! Give a name, select shutter speed, aperture, roll extra parameters like exposure value, iso, date, and time, and you are all set!

Save parameters of each photo

Store rolls in one place and access all of them

A simple list of rolls with essential parameters will keep your history up to date. It may be especially helpful for users with several cameras when they film up to 2 rolls simultaneously.

Simple list of rolls

Cameras and lenses are carefully gathered

We care about your needs and know you may have more than one film camera and lens. Thus, we created a place where you can save them and connect to film rolls.

Cameras and lenses

Say goodbye to outdated ways of your analog photography progress tracking!

Add all your cameras and lenses to the settings

Create your very first roll

Make a shot and save the settings in a click

Compare your results with the thumbnail and track down possible mistakes